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G’s Story

I remember in the old days sometimes we would laughingly say that someone ‘didn’t know whether they were Arthur or Martha.’ But that old saying has come back to haunt me. Don’t think that this is a subject that I view flippantly. On the contrary, it has become something that is with me all the

A Mother’s Bumpy Journey

A Huge Shock My experience is sadly very similar to other parents in NZ and overseas. Shortly after Lockdown in September 2020, my 16 year old son “K” told me in confidence and out of the blue that he was “Trans” and felt he was a woman. He told me he had “always felt this

Our Journey

I am writing this to give other parents hope and strength to get through these challenging times. One day our children might understand that our unconditional love and devotion gave us strength to stand up for them and the best possible outcome. As I am writing this my daughter (I will refer to her as


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