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Fully Informed

Fully Informed NZ

Fully Informed is a NZ campaign for accurate medical information.

The NZ Ministry of Health describes puberty blockers as “safe and fully reversible”. This description is inaccurate.

Fully Informed analyses the research including much which contradicts the “safe and fully reversible” statement to highlight the uncertainties and negative health impacts of puberty blockers

Another Unfortunate Experiment

Public Good Aotearoa

Jan Rivers and Jill Abigail have written an extended research report Another Unfortunate Experiment? New Zealand’s transgender health policy and its impact on children on the NZ situation. It is now a litte dated with changes in policy in the UK, Finland, Sweden, Eire as well as the Keira Bell case and the NHS change of policy all constraining transgender medicine in other jurisdictions. 

Detransition Stories

There is no formal NZ research yet on levels of detransition (people who want to reverse their transition to the opposite gender) in this country. But it appears there may be a significant number from our reading of social media accounts on platforms such as Twitter and Reddit.
We warmly welcome stories from detransitioners and parents of detransitioners to be submitted to this site. Other people’s stories are powerful and supportive as well as useful for making change.

About A Girl

About a girl tells the story of a young woman who, when she revealed she was solely attracted to women was castigated by her community.

From Girl To Boy And Back Again

From girl to boy and back again describes a young woman who changed her mind after transitioning

My Journey Of Transition And Detransition

An anonymous young NZ woman describes the experiences, including abuse and lack of strong feminine role models that led her to transition and then how reflection, increasing maturity and an appreciation of feminism led to her detransition.

Other Information and Links

Bayswater Support

Bayswater Support are a group of parents in the UK and Ireland who have been brought together by their experiences of parenting children with gender dysphoria or who have declared a transgender identity.

The Cass Review Interim Report published

On March 10 the Cass Review ( Independent Review of Gender Identity Services for Children and Young People, UK ) has put out an interim report and according to UK advocacy organisation Transgender Trend it vindicates many of the points they have been making for the past six years regarding the right of children with gender-related distress to receive the same level of clinical care as any other child, especially in light of the poor evidence base and the changed cohort of young people accessing these services.

Read the full interim report


Stella O’Malley

In this episode Sasha White interviews psychotherapist and writer Stella O’Malley to discuss her new organization for parents of gender-questioning kids, Genspect. We talk about the gender medicine industry, the nightmare situation many parents find themselves in when they bring their child to a gender therapist for help, the motives of the doctors and other professionals who push this experimental craze, and much more.

Post Trans

A collection of detrans stories from female detransitioners and desisters.


Genspect is an international alliance of parent and professional groups whose aim is to advocate for parents of gender-questioning children and young people. Parents are concerned that their kids are not receiving appropriate treatment and support; many do not feel free to speak out about their concerns.

Gender Dysphoria Alliance (Canada)

The Gender Dysphoria Alliance is a group that is sceptical about transition as the best or obvious solution to gender dysphoria. Some people with GD identify as transsexual or transgender, and many do not. Some have chosen to medically transition and are happy to have done so. Others have detransitioned or desisted. Many have lived full lives without the need to ever medically transition. Some are heterosexual and some are gay, lesbian or bisexual.

Decoding the Gender Matrix

Helen Joyce is The Economist’s finance editor, and is currently on sabbatical to focus on a book about gender-identity ideology. Boyce interviews Joyce about the way that popular culture and medicine is setting up expectations about the positive outcomes of gender transition. She describes her concern that transgender medicine is seeing young would be gay men and lesbian women being sterilised.

The Trans Train

The Trans Train is a three part series by the national Swedish Television Service (SVT) which describes how the Swedish gender medicine regime has had tragic consequences for numerous young people that has caused the country to backtrack on its recent enthusiasm for gender medicine both in relation to the numbers transitioning and the rules governing treatment. English subtitles.

  1. Part I
  2. Part II
  3. Part III
  4. Part IV



Dysphoric, a new film released January 2021, is a compelling rebuttal to the adoption of transgender medicine for children and young people. The trailer for Not my cup of T provides a brief overview of the style and there is an interview with film maker Indian Feminist Vaishnavi Sundar about the film . The full film was released as Dysphoric and is available as a four part documentary. It interviews clinicians, counsellors and detransitioners who are concerned about gender medicine.

Gender: A Wider Lens Podcast

Subtitled Gender, Identity and Transition from a Psychological Perspective and promising a deep dive with us into a psychological exploration of body, mind, identity, culture, and psyche Gender a Wider Lens is is an absolutely wonderful podcast that examines this current phenomenon from the perspective of 2 therapists working with families and children of gender confused children and adolescents.
It is so great, I listened to the one on Queer Theory yesterday and it explained everything!!! I can now see why rational discourse and debate is no longer possible and why half the world seems to be under some kind of spell! Check it out.

Canadian Gender Report

Canadian Gender Report offers a Canadian site with references and articles exposing lack of independence and validity of WPATH guidelines.

Gender Challenge

Gender Challenge is a Scandinavian group of parents and detransitioners. This site provides very comprehensive resources debunking the evidence implying that transition is overwhelmingly successful.

Pique Resilience Project

Pique Resilience Project is lead by four detransitioned and desisted young women, who reached varying degrees of transition talk openly and frankly about their experiences and provide information and signposting to other detransitioners.

Gender Health Query

LGBT groups concerned about the adverse effects of gender ideology and early medicalisation of gender dysphoric young people on gender non conforming and LGBT youth.

Safe Schools Alliance

An organisation dedicated to the safeguarding of children in schools, they work with parents, teachers and educational professionals to ensure safeguarding is placed at the centre of policy making. They provide template letters for parents and guidance for schools on how to create policies that provide support and protection for all children. They can put you in touch with local hubs, to link up with others in your area to help influence school policies. UK based.

Transgender Trend

This site covers information on all aspects of the transition of children, from teaching in schools to government legislation. It provides school information packs, as well as a wealth of information on the scientific, medical and social impacts of the transgender movement. UK based.


Society for Evidence Based Gender Medicine aim to promote safe, compassionate, ethical and evidence informed healthcare for children, adolescents and young adults with gender dysphoria. An international collaboration of nearly 100 clinicians and researchers concerned about the quality of evidence which underpins the affirmative model of care.

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