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About Aotearoa Support

At the start of 2021 a group of parents started to connect online.

We were concerned about the gender distress our children were experiencing and wanted to connect with others who were questioning the affirm/medicalisation path offered to our children. We have been meeting to work out how to create a support network for ourselves and other parents who are suddenly faced with this difficult situation.

The result of these conversations is Aotearoa Support.

We have found common cause with other  organisations, and decided to adopt a similar approach to Bayswater Support which was founded by and for parents in the UK in late 2019. Like us, they are wary of medical solutions to gender distress.

Parents in our situation often feel isolated and the aim of this group is to provide support and help with this. With our collective experience, we can share information and tools to enable us to advocate for our children in school and health services. Parents are often the best support for other parents, rather than professionals or well-meaning others. If this is your situation we encourage you to join us.

What do we offer as a support group?

Members Forum: We have set up an online forum which is a great place to ask a question, read other members’ stories, and feel like you’re not alone.

Website resources: We share advice and resources including the UK Baywater Support group’s Top Ten Tips.

1:1 support: We’re available to talk on the phone to members and applicants; often it is the first time a parent has told their story and it can be an important moment for them. Our members tell us how much being a part of the group has helped them. 

Volunteers: We’re all volunteers and rely on donations to continue our work. We would love you to volunteer for a job, small or big, when you feel you are ready. And please donate if you can.


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